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Nobody can yet know exactly what mobility of the future will look like. But what is certain is that electromobility will play a major role in this, because the potential of this technology is far from being exhausted. That's why we test and analyze the possibilities and opportunities of mobile and stationary energy storage devices every day here in the beautiful Allgäu. We shape the future!


This is what defines us:

Despite our small company size, we are experts in our field and can therefore quickly and flexibly meet our customers' requirements. We are always looking for the latest technologies in order to achieve ever better measurement and analysis results.


2007 The success story of KE-TEC GmbH begins with its founding by Roland Weixler.


2008 The company designs the first company-owned EV battery with 13 kWh.


2013 becomesThe next big step in the company's history was taken with the construction of the battery test center.


2014 KE-TEC GmbH moves into its new headquarters on the outskirts of Betzigau.

In the same year, the Battery Information Center - Allgäu (BIZA) was built next to the main building, where regular training courses and live presentations on the subject of mobile energy storage take place and lithium-ion batteries are observed in long-term tests.


2017 another milestone is reached. The 5000th battery is analyzed. KE-TEC GmbH has now developed into one of the leading companies in the field of battery analysis.


2019 The third building is put into operation at the Betzigau location. Prototypes are mainly assembled here in small series. This is done using state-of-the-art digital worker guidance, which gives our employees and customers the security that all work steps have been carried out perfectly!


2021 The growing company has 45 employees, all of whom are healthy and motivated even during Corona times.

2023 The largest project in the company's history is put into operation. In over 100 climate chambers, over 8 years of aging of battery modules can be simulated in just one year.

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